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We provide a variety of Internet hosting services, both on a per-client basis and for the Internet community at large.

For more information, please email or see our contact information.

Email mailing list hosting:
    Using the popular Majordomo mailing list software, combined with the exceptionally fast and reliable qmail mail transfer software, we host both public and private email mailing lists. We have been hosting email mailing lists since early 1995, and have developed a reputation for reliable service and equitable administration.

    To obtain a list of the publicly-accessible email mailing lists we host, please send the following in the body of a message to


    We provide full archives, including searchable web-based archives.

Email hosting:
    We provide email hosting services. If you require multiple mailing addresses, but don't wish to run your own server or pay high fees to a local service provider, we can help. All you need is a single Internet connection at your site to access our server. This allows you to maintain as many email addresses as you'd like.

    We can use your existing domain name, help you register a new one, or let you use our domain name. Our email services are exceptionally reliable and fast, support standard POP and SMTP email protocols, and allow Web-based access and administration.

Web hosting:
    If you require hosting of dynamic or data-driven Web pages, please contact us. We do not provide general Web hosting of static pages, but we would like to speak to you if you require specialized hosting services not offered by your service provider.




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